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The power of vision boards

The power of vision boards

The power of vision boards

You’ve probably seen them all over Pinterest, but may have never sat down to think about how creating your own vision board could work for you? We spoke to vision board coach Leanne Bier of LB Me Creations about why this trend is about so much more than just sticking a bunch of pretty pictures on a poster board. As adults, some of us will get to a point in our lives when we realise that we’ve lived someone else’s dream – or, that we’ve kept our dreams so close to our heart that we never let them out and lived them. Young girls are different. They’re full of big ideas and exciting dreams, and there’s no reason why they have to wait until adulthood to let them shine.

“We can give young girls the freedom and opportunity to become aware of their hearts’ desires, and see that they too can dream big,” says Leanne, who has been creating vision boards for over 15 years. “Vision boards are about finding out what lights you up, brings you joy, and inspires you to take action and achieve your dreams.” Science has proven that, when we can visually see our goals on a daily basis, our brain is stimulated to help us achieve them. When you visualise an action, you stimulate the same region of your brain as you do when you actually perform that action. You can actually train your brain to visualise the outcomes you most want. High performance athletes use this method as a form of training all the time – visualisation has been shown to help high jumpers improve on clearing the bar. So, when we create a vision board from the heart, it serves as an exciting visual reminder of the awesomeness we want to have in our lives – especially when we put it somewhere that we will see it on a daily basis. “We all know that happiness doesn’t starting with having ‘stuff’, so participants in my workshops are encouraged to look at who they want BE over the coming year,” says Leanne. “They think about what qualities they want to have on a day-to-day basis – be more confident, kind, joyful, brave, inspiring – as well as what they want to do, and the things they’d like to have in their lives.” In her early twenties, Leanne came across a few inspiring mentors and fellow teachers who made her realise that she could change her life for the better. She didn’t have to be reactive to her circumstances – she could choose them. “I really love that I can see right in front of me what my life could look like,” says Leanne. “I feel energised and inspired to live out those dreams when I can clearly see them on my vision board – I know that anything is possible, and that I can take inspired action towards those dreams.” While Leanne’s own personal story with vision boards is goose bump-inducing – read it here – it’s the testimonials from her clients that reveal that creating vision boards can work for everyone. Participants in Leanne’s workshops have said that they too have started to take action where they hadn’t previously, and had a more clear understanding about what they wanted – and were able to achieve it, too.   


This month, Leanne will be running workshops in Harper Bee Chermside and Harper Bee Carindale for girls who are keen to start on their vision board journey. She has tailored a special, tween-focused workshop that will provide all of the tools, materials and guidance for your daughter to create her very own vision board to take home. Tickets are just $15 - or $12.50 for two or more tickets - but spaces are limited to just 8 people per session. Head here to book in to one of the Harper Bee Chermside workshops on Saturday March 16. Head here to book in to one of the Harper Bee Carindale workshops on Saturday March 23.

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