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Gift packs are back!

Gift packs are back!

Gift packs are back!

We know how bummed you were when we wrapped up our line of 'gift packs' back in January, which is why we're soooooo excited to announce that... THE GIFT PACKS ARE BACK! This is not a drill. We have just dropped a BRAND NEW line of gift packs for your purchasing pleasure, ranging in price from $30 to $85 - there's seriously something for everyone! Don't believe us?   Meet... Harper!  

She's cute, but she's got some attitude - and she definitely isn't afraid to be herself! She's yours for $80 - shop here.   Meet... Zara!

She's sooooo much fun and loves a party - whether it's a pamper session, a festival or a tropical bash, she's your gal! She's yours for $30 - shop here.   Meet... Demi!

She's made of pure gold, this one - and she loves a bit of glitz and glam! She's yours for $60 - shop here.   Meet... Stella!

She's all about self-care, whether it's staying hydrated, a quick mani/pedi or even just a cuddly pillow to cosy up with - she's kind of like your "mum" friend. She's yours for $60 - shop here.   Meet... Frankie, London and Pearl!  These three will always have your back - whether you're hitting the town, hitting the books or your phone has hit a wall, they've got you. They're yours for $50 each - find them here.   Meet... Mikaylah and Peta!

 They're practical, but they also love to have a bit of fun every now and then, too. They're yours for $35 each - shop here.   Meet... Willow!

She will never fail to pick you up when you're feeling down, and remind you of what's really important. She's yours for $30 - shop here.   Meet... Brooke!

She's ready for anything (and she's always colour-coordinated). She's yours for $85 - shop here.

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