Make your room your own

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Our bedrooms are our sanctuary – the place we retreat to when we want some time to ourselves. So, it only makes sense that we would decorate them in a way that reflects our personality and, most importantly, makes us happy! Check out these five easy, DIY ways to transform your bedroom. String lights won’t just brighten up your bedroom – they’ll make your space totally unique! Use them to liven up your desk space, hang them above your bed, or drape them around a mirror or window. We’ve got some gorgeous lightbulb ones, as well as some super fun ice block, cactus and pineapple string lights to suit your personality and the vibe of your bedroom.

 A reading nook is the perfect spot to sit back and relax, and having a nice corner to retreat to with a good book will really encourage you to read more – and that’s definitely a good thing! Creating your own nook doesn’t take much: a beanbag, cosy throw blanket, some cushions and a reading light are all you need, but you can add a canopy or some decorations to really make the space your own. A pin board is the ultimate way to express yourself in your bedroom! Pin up photos you’ve taken with your friends or family, things you love that you’ve found in magazines or online, and special memories that you want to cherish. Your pin board should make you feel happy every time you look at it, so fill it up with all of your favourite things! Organisation is key when it comes to creating your perfect bedroom – no one can relax in a mess! If you have space under your bed or up high in your closet, invest in some storage boxes to store all of the things you don’t really use, but can’t bring yourself to let go of. Make sure there’s a place 

for everything, and everything is in its place, for maximum relaxation when you’re in your room. Photo frames are such a great way to inject a bit of personality into your bedroom. You can fill them with photos of your loved ones or your favourite places, or get a bit artsy by printing out artwork and patterns you find online. Whether you’ve got one by your bed or lots in a gallery wall – using easy-to-remove hangers or sticky strips, so that you don’t ruin your walls! – cool photo are a quick and easy way to change up your space and make it really unique.    What’s your favourite spot in your bedroom? We’d love to see it – snap a picture and share it on Instagram using the hashtags #harperbee and #harperbeeme.