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SkinJoy- Ultimate youth Bundle



This Skin Joy Bundle is the ultimate best start to finding your Skin Joy. All you need to get your skin, clean, clear and balanced. This trio is formulated to work in sync with each other to get you that healthy and fresh glow. Highly recommend for pre teens, teens, oily and combination skin types.


    A gel-based spot treatment serum made from natural, blemish-banning ingredients, Australia tea tree and lemon myrtle. Suitable for anyone who suffers from problematic skin or periodic breakouts, it not only kills surface bacteria, it also uses natural AHAs and BHAs found in pineapple and white willow bark to dissolve dead skin cells.

    An all-natural alternative to harsh chemical-based blemish treatments, Skin Joy Spot Remover #3 will not strip the skin or disrupt the natural Ph balance.


    This dual action moisturiser is designed to hydrate, gently exfoliate, break down excess oils and unclog pores. Using natural BHA’s from the Australian white willow bark tree, Skin Joy light moisturiser can be used morning and night and is recommend for a younger, oily prone, problematic, skin type.


      This specially formulated cleansing mouse is created to thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping it. Targeted to the younger demographic and gentle enough to use from the age of 10 yrs, Skin Joy Face Wash #1 is enriched with white willow bark tree extracts for natural exfoliation, Tea Tee for antibacterial fighting properties to clear skin, aloe vera for hydration and moisture and a hint of coconut sent to help you feel fresh and free.