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Harper Bee stuff that will help you #getorganised

Harper Bee stuff that will help you #getorganised

Harper Bee stuff that will help you #getorganised

Getting organised is a lot easier when you have a few handy products that help you sort everything out. It’s even more helpful if those handy products are also super, duper cute. Journal // shop the Quotes journal here Stressed about that big school assignment? Write out everything you’re thinking. Keen to pick up a new hobby? Write it down. Set on a certain career, or something you want to achieve? Write about them in a spot you’ll regularly look at. Science tells us that physically writing – not typing – helps us recall that information later on, and can act as a stress reliever when we’re overthinking.

Pin Board // In-store only Our pink and blue polka dot pin boards aren’t just cute bedroom décor – they can help you keep organised, too! Pin up important school documents, hang a calendar from it and use your Harper Bee note block to jot down any reminders or motivational quotes that you want to keep front of mind. Pens and Pencils // shop the pastel pencils here and the gold metallic pen here If you’re writing down everything, you’re going to need something to do it with! We have the cutest collection of pens and pencils that will motivate you to keep organised every single day. Toiletry Bag // shop the Pastel Galaxy toiletry bag right here They don’t have to be “just” for toiletries – there are soooo many things you can do with a Harper Bee toiletry bag…

  1. Keep all of your dancing or gymnastic supplies together - no more lost hair brushes!
  2. Plane trips have never been easier - much like the road trip kit, pack plenty of fun things and activities into one of these bags, along with your important documents, and you're good to go!
  3. Have you ever seen a cuter First Aid kit?!

Check out our Facebook post right here for the rest of our top ten!

Makeup Bag // shop the Personality Festival makeup bag right here Keep all of your bits and bobs together, whether it’s your pencils, pens and other school supplies – or you can use a Harper Bee pencil case or a cute see-through pouch for that! – your hair stuff, nail polish, makeup, craft supplies, you name it! There’s no cuter way to manage your clutter. Alarm Clock // shop the Ice Blue alarm clock here Knowing the time is key to staying organised – you’ll never be late again when you’ve got a cute Harper Bee alarm clock reminding you when it’s time to get out of bed, leave for school or get to a special event. And apparently, the benefits of having an alarm clock aren’t just limited to knowing the time – studies show that using an alarm clock can also help us normalise our sleep schedules and bring us peace of mind. Phone charger // shop the blue fluffy powerbank here It’s hard to be organised when your phone is always flat! With a super cute Harper Bee power bank, you never have to worry about that. It includes an Apple and Samsung charger, too, so that you can charge all of your friends’ phones (because you’re the organised one!)

Matching School Set // Pick up a matching water bottle, lunch bag or lunchbox and a backpack or a duffel bag Who says school supplies have to be boring? We’re not sure if you’re actually less likely to lose your stuff when it’s all matchy-matchy, but we’re willing to give it a shot! Our Harper Bee school supplies come in the cutest matching patterns, making back-to-school shopping so much fun. Gift Box Set // shop our gift box set here Our Harper Bee gift box set makes for a pretty gorgeous storage solution! Stash your stuff away in the different sized boxes and pop them under your bed, on shelves or in your wardrobe!

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