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Ambassadors Review // Journals, pens and pencils

Ambassadors Review // Journals, pens and pencils

Ambassadors Review // Journals, pens and pencils

We spent February and March getting organised, using our cute Harper Bee pin boards, boxes, journals, pens, pencils and more to help us. This week on the blog, we’re hearing from a few of our valued Harper Bee Ambassadors, who shared their thoughts on the organisational magic of our journals and stationery. Here’s what they had to say… Ella says… Dear Harper bee blog viewers! Today I received a package from Harper bee! Inside my package there was, a super cute journal 📓, some inspirational pencils and some cute metal pens! I also received three cards of 20 % off! Wow! This certainly made my day a whole lot better! 😊 I became a ambassador not long ago but already feel like I have for a long time! I totally recommend shopping at Harper bee and picking up some cut goodies for school and home. They just make life so much more cheerful! Let’s give a huge clap to the wonderful ladies at Harper bee! After all it is national women’s month! From Ella!  

Valentina says… I loved the Journal, specially the cover "Things I don't want you to know" - this is so cheeky! :) I found the pages very cool with tiny dots and lines. All of these different patterns and colours won't make me bored at all :)  I am happy that i can glue photos and other memories in the journal knowing that the elastic will keep them saved and the journal closed. I also received lovely new pencils. They are perfect for taking to school or for my homeworks. The erasers at the top end makes it easy to fix any of my errors. I also need to mention that the pastel colours are very girly and matches with the pages of the diary.  Win win. But the most outstanding items were the 2 pens. OMG they are so cute and their write is very softly on the pages. The items were simply gorgeous and it is what every girl (no matter their age) wants. Thank you Harper Bee.   Amaya says…

I was super excited to receive my first package from Harper Bee. I’m a huge stationary fan, so when I saw all the pencils pour out of my package, I was so happy! I especially love the pastel colored pencils because each pencil has an inspiring message on it - to be courageous,  be different, be interesting and be inspiring. I think that’s so cool! I also got two cool pens, one in gold with a heart and one in silver with a fox head. One thing I love doing most is journaling. And the Harper Bee Journal is perfect for writing about my weekends, drawing pictures, and organizing my birthday party. I especially like the message on the front - Make Your Own Magic. So important to be yourself and be able to express yourself through writing! Thank you Harper Bee xx  

Gigi says… My sisters really wanted the pens and pencils that Harper Bee sent me but I got to keep the journal. It’s so pretty. Each of the lined pages have a different watercolour picture like feathers in the background. The hard cover of the book is pastel coloured and has beautiful pictures of crystals on it. I love drawing so this book is perfect for me. And it’s the right size, not too big or small. One of my sisters keeps a diary so she would love to have a journal like this, whilst my other sister likes to draw and paint so she is jealous of my book too. I’m such a lucky girl, thanks Harper Bee!       BONUS REVIEW: Saskia & Milla (Gigi’s 13-year-old twin sisters) say…

When the Harper Bee package first arrived for our little sister we thought it was for us and got super excited. Then mum told us it was for Gigi and we got pretty jealous. Lucky for us, she has agreed to share some of her Harper Bee goodies, cause we absolutely love all that sort of cute stuff. In the package, were four different pencils, each one has a cute, inspirational quote (like ‘be different’) written on them and we love that they are pastel coloured. We also received two cute pens - the silver pen has a sweet little fox face at the tip and the gold pen has a pretty love heart at the end. These pens look really expensive but actually cost less than $10! We can’t wait to take all our new stuff to school, we know that our friends are going to think that everything is really cute and we can’t wait to show off our new things.

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