Ambassadors Review // Book Covers

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The first day back at school for 2019 is fast approaching, and there isn't much time left to get prepped for the term. Luckily, our Harper Bee book covers are soooooo easy to slip onto your exercise books, you'll be able to cover all of your books in minutes! Read what our Harper Bee ambassadors had to say about our collection of book covers, and then head online or pop in store to get your hands on some for yourself!


     Emma G says… The Harper Bee book covers are awesome! They’re a great way to protect your school books and they add a lot of style to them too. The book covers have many designs to fit anyone’s taste! That’s why they’re great for adding a little more ‘you’ to your books. Personally, my favourite book cover designs are the pink and black covers with inspiring quotes on them. I like them because every time you get your book out, ready to do some work, you can read the quote and be ever more positive about working than you may have been before! But that’s just me! Overall I think the Harper Bee book covers are a great option for decorating your books!      

Emma M says… I was so excited when I opened my first package as Harper Bee ambassador. I quickly unwrapped it and found… some super cute book covers! (My Mum was happy to see them too because she hates contacting books.) I adore all the book covers especially the “I’m not messy I am creatively organised” one. It is so me! I am going to LOVE seeing the cool designs every time I pull out the book I need. They are really simple to slip on and fit well, so they’re nice and snug. They don’t slip off like other brands. I guess it is easy enough that I can do my own book covering this year! The messages are motivating and sweet, and the pictures and colours are so trendy, just like all Harper Bee products. So much of our year is spent at school, we might as well have super cute stationary around us. By Emma xx