Instax Mini 9 - Smoky White
Instax Mini 9 - Smoky White

Instax Mini 9 - Smoky White

The Fuji Instax Mini 9 Camera is a fun option when taking photos and will allow you to instantly print your memories and enjoy them for time to come. It features a selfie mirror on the front, next to the lens so that you can check your framing before you click. It also comes with a close up lens attachment and a built-in flash for bright and clear images.
  • This camera allows you to take high quality, instant prints.
  • The camera will print 62 x 46 mm photos.
  • It will automatically power off after 5 minutes of non-use to save battery life.
  • The film feeds out automatically for instant images.
  • It requires 2 AA batteries for operation.
  • There's a close up lens attachment included with the camera.
  • You'll be able to shoot clear photos from up to 35 cm away.
  • It has a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds.
  • You can turn the adjustment dial to determine the brightness level depending on your location and lighting conditions.