Party trends for tweens

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If your eight-to-12-year-old has a birthday party coming up, but you feel like you’re a little lost when it comes to what’s hot in the tween party world, listen up. We’ve recruited party planner extraordinaire, Natalie Faulkner of Strawberry Fundaes, to break down the must-know party trends for this year.

Poor tweens – they often feel left out. They’re at that awkward in-between stage where they still want parties, just not with all the ‘young kids’ stuff. Yes, they’re usually past Disney, but they still love a themed party and they’re very influenced by their peers and the current trends. Not sure how to figure it all out in time for your tween’s next celebration? Here are Natalie’s top party trends for this year, to help you and your tween agree on SOMETHING. We all know how indecisive they can be.

Nat’s top trending themes right now:

Unicorns - Nope, I don’t mean unicorn parties that you’d throw for a little kid. I’m talking cute headbands, lots of glitter eye shadow, pastels, golds, lots of dancing and even more selfie opportunities!

Llamas - Yep, you heard me – llamas are officially in! This is such a fun theme right now, and can easily be mixed with bright festive colours and cactus print.

Mermaids - We’re not talking about your baby sister’s mermaids. Ariel has stepped aside to make way for bright pastels, glitter and bejewelled EVERYTHING at tween mermaid parties.

Flamingos - Bright pinks, tropical greens and a splash of pineapple make for a fresh, fun flamingo-themed party vibe! This theme is great for a backyard or pool party.

Boho - Think eclectic vintage decorations, picnics on the floor, rose gold and anything whimsical. Oh, and plenty of dreamcatchers of course! 

The Food - Nibble foods are definitely the go when hosting tweens – platter it all up, and let them graze away. It could be as simple as ordering pizzas and letting them serve themselves, or you could go all out creating a Mexican style buffet where they create their own tacos. Another fun, sweet option is to create a pancake buffet station with loads of different toppings.



Activities - Tweens love an interactive activity, but not necessarily a ‘game’ as such. They often become a bit self-conscious in game situations, so DIY or group activities are usually the best. The following DIY options are hugely popular and on trend for 2019.

  • Flower Crown making
  • Pom Pom making
  • Paint a water colour
  • Pot a succulent
  • Make your own lip gloss or body scrub
  • Toilet paper fashion show
  • Karaoke
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Make your own pizzas
  • Dancing/ Disco
Need more party inspo? Head to Strawberry Fundaes for the latest and greatest in party planning.